The legend of this soulful retreat spreads far over the foothills of the Drakensberg. Even from across the seas, people flock to the gates of Indigo Fields.

It all began with a dream … family life on a farm somewhere in the Midlands.  One Midmar Mile weekend back in 2003, a small farm overlooking the Balgowan Valley with a charming thatch farmstead stole our hearts. Before long plans were underway to start a guest house, a gallery and coffee shop and live the simple life like all the other locals who shared their worlds with the weekend urban escapists doing the Midlands Meander. Hazel, Jen’s mom came to live on the farm followed by Paul’s parents, Pat and Brian, and sister Sandy, and what followed was a creative journey of building new cottages, renovations, garden designs, planting fields of lavender and rosemary – underneath it all was a burgeoning desire to share the gentle, healing nature of this enchanting place in which we found ourselves, and so the idea of an African Day Spa was born. Over time we have become exclusively a unique spa retreat so that we can focus wholeheartedly on the needs of our guests, whether day spa or staying over.

Indigo Fields is our life, it is how we choose to live and so ensuring that you have the most meaningful, worthwhile and memorable experience in this place we call home, is what inspires us every day.

Honouring the generous spirit of our local people and the natural beauty, serenity and comfort of these gentle Midlands hills, our “bush” spa provides an escape from the routine and stresses of our modern lifestyles.

Complemented by the best of local, home-grown and lovingly prepared meals and a farm stay in distinctive luxury style, Indigo Fields is an expression of our passion for authenticity, abundance and generosity.

“Our mission is to make a positive difference by inspiring and nurturing all those whose hearts lead them to Indigo Fields…and to treasure the human spirit in every single one of them!”
– Paul and Jennifer