Dine and feast to your heart’s content. Your food experience can be arranged and enjoyed in various locations and our staff will be delighted to discuss your preference with you, providing the perfect setting for a lovely, private culinary experience in a very intimate atmosphere.


Since the spa breakfast precedes a day of pampering, we start off with a celebratory glass of sparkling wine, followed by the best offerings of seasonal fruit, served with granola and our own homemade double thick Greek yoghurt, cultured from the very best of local Jersey cream and milk. Jabu’s freshly baked scones, muffins and croissants with our Midlands fruity jam, ensures a great start for even more pleasurable pastimes to follow.


Despite no need for refuelling after a morning of rest, interrupting the rhythm of the spa for a wholesome lunch is a must at Indigo Fields.  Our cook’s routine ensures a visit to the veggie and herb garden, adding just the right amount of that something special to showcase the best of the locally sourced produce. A complementary glass or two of the house wine keeps the real world at bay, but perhaps you may also enjoy the wine list for the discerning traveller with a love of viticulture.


Whether your preference is to be wined or dined in the comfort of your suite, to engage privately in front of the fire in the lounge, or perhaps to enjoy the company of others in a more traditional setting, we try and ensure the ultimate comfort and dining experience.  Our approach to cuisine is to find the best local foods we can and keep the preparations as simple and honest as possible, to showcase the flavour one can only find in lovingly grown and hand selected produce. Once settled into Twickle or Pink Cottage, our guests have the luxury of dinner being “delivered” and eaten at leisure.


The old school tradition of breakfast being the most important meal of the day holds true for Granny Pat and her legendary offering in the old farmhouse dining room.  The freshest farm eggs, Dargle Valley Pork bacon and lashings of good butter, remind one of real farm life when all farm dwellers gather to welcome in another day and the enjoyment of the simple things in life.

Everyone loves our truffles!

A perfect complement to mid-afternoon tea
enjoyed with a little glass of Amarula.